CCTV pipe line inspection has become an indispensable tool in the underground pipe maintenance industry. The advantages of CCTV pipe inspection have been proven time after time, from new pipe line acceptance to updating of underground asset registers. Continuous improvements to the camera systems, software and the development of new technology have improved the quality of the data collected and expanded the applications where these camera systems can be used.

Advanced CCTV Pipe Line Inspection Technology

There are a wide variety of different cameras available on the market in order to conduct pipeline inspections. These cameras are designed in order to enhance the remote inspection process. Let’s take a look at some of the models we use here at Rescue Rod for our CCTV pipeline inspection service:

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CCTV Pipeline inspections provide you the ability to safely inspect any pipe. Due to the versatile nature of the use of technology in CCTV pipeline inspections, you are able to save time and resources in comparison to more traditional pipeline inspection methods. If you require a pipeline inspection contact Rescue Rod today to find out more about our pipeline inspection services.