MegaVac : Air Displacement System

The Rescue Rod Megavac air displacement system is designed for heavy industrial applications and is suitable for suctioning, displacing, transporting and unloading of dry, wet and hazardous substances, such as various types of catalyst, (roof) gravel, powders, ash and sludge. The Megavac is specially developed for working with hazardous and contaminated substances.

The Megavac is the perfect air displacement system for heavy duty suction, displacement and transportation activities in the construction and (petro) chemical industries and for all general industrial applications.

The powerful roots blower gives the Megavac air displacement system a very high suction and displacement capacity, which makes it possible to process and transport large quantities of dry substances, liquids, gravel, sand, etc. in a very short amount of time.
The major benefit of the Megavac is that this advanced piece of equipment can save you a significant amount of time and money.

The machine features state of the art technology suited to process a variety of substances. Due to the versatility in handling many different types of chemicals and materials, the Megavac is the perfect machine for any cleanup.

Ultimately this means that your organisation can trust in the Megavac to gather all the materials in a safe and timely fashion without having to needlessly expose your employees to the materials that need to be removed, saving you time and money.

Several sectors can benefit from using the Megavac for cleanups, including:

  • Waste Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive Industry
  • Biotechnology Sector
  • Construction Industry
  • Infrastructure Sector
  • Chemical Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Hotels, Restaurants And Bars
  • Wood And Paper Industry
  • Plastic And Plastic Processing Industry
  • Food And Feed Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Maritime/Shipping Sector
  • Medical Sector
  • Mining, Metal And Minerals Industry
  • Moulding Industry
  • Oil And Gas Industry
  • Refineries
  • Local And Central Government
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Telecom Sector
  • Textile Industry
  • Utility Sector
  • Car And Truck Wash Sector
  • Railway Infrastructure Sector
  • Aluminium Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Blasting Sector

Applications and Uses of the Megavac:

  • Cleaning Up In Emergencies
  • Catalyst Work
  • Soil Suctioning And Excavation Work
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Onshore Activities
  • Petrochemical Activities
  • Cleaning Pits
  • Cleaning Sewers And Drains
  • Shut-Down Cleaning Activities
  • Silo Cleaning
  • Transport Activities
  • Vacuum Cleaning Activities & surface Water Cleaning
  • Cleaning Ships
  • Ballast Suction
  • Suctioning And Displacing Dry And Wet Substances
  • Pumping Fluids
  • Cleaning Ovens
  • Removal Of Fly Ash
  • Blasting Grit Suction
  • Blast Furnace Slag Removal
  • Cleaning Stables/Cowsheds
  • Cleaning Crawl Spaces



  The megavac is suitable for the suction and blowing of sand, gravel, pebble stone, blasting grit, powders, cement dust, fly ash back into silo’s, storage systems, etc

  • Blower with a capacity of 8.100 m³/h, 95% vacuum, 1,1 bar overpressure.
  • Sound insulated hood, made of plywood with aluminium frame, provided with inner insulation material with 4 access doors on behalf of performing maintenance easily.
  • Large pressure/vacuum tank with a volume of 12 m³, excl. filter room.
  • ‘Air Shock’ fi lter cleaning system.
  • Rear door with blowing cover.