Horizontal Directional Drilling through Solid Rock

The phrase “rock solid” usually means that whatever that something is, it will last forever. For a horizontal directional driller that phrase takes on a whole new and sometimes ominous meaning. The term could compromise an entire project due to a solid rock-bed under the ground.

Rescue Rod offers horizontal directional rock drilling through any material and under any surface structure. In the past,  horizontal directional drilling was limited to soft pickable material, but now with some newly acquired technology,  Rescue Rod is able to drill through just about anything.

Preparation is vital. Rock formation and ground conditions are key. However, whether it’s sandstone, cobble, gneiss, limestone or boulders,  Rescue Rod will endeavour to successfully complete a project on time and within budget.



Rescue Rod is currently busy with an installation for a 42m / 630mm Ø storm water pipeline in Olifantsfontein. Due to the heavy traffic on the road the project requires us to drill through solid rock  under a main road. We are successfully completing this project with use of the Tracto-Technik 28N plus Grundodrill rig.