The KAISER AquaStar Water-Recycling Vacuum Truck – A valuedflagship investment

Whenidentifying the flagshipequipment in his company’s fleet, RescueRod’s operations director Bobby Smit  singsthe praises of the KAISER Aqua-Star combination truck. Bobby notes that “you can literally recycle water all day long and just keepon cleaning lines.”

TheKAISERAquaStar truck offers five powerful selling points forprospective clients:

  • The AquaStar is eco-friendly using significantly less water than conventional vacuum trucks.
  • The AquaStar has the potential to work virtually non-stop during the day, which dramatically boosts productivity by eliminating time-consuming trips to refill water tanks.
  • Less water used results in lower costs in communities where contractors have to pay for water supply.
  • Less water is sent back into drainage system lines, which reduces treatment costs for municipalities.
  • The Aquastar  have fewer switches than other water-recycling brands resulting in less potential for damage and repairs as the unit has less moving parts.

While the amount of water saved varies from jobto job, the KAISER Aquastar has the ability to save up to 168000 litres ofclean water per one 8 hour shift per truck.

“Ona day-to-day basis, we probably save clients two to three hours a day by nothaving to break down and constantly decant. That results in more productivity.So it’s more profitable because we’re getting more work done (in less time)every day. Asan added bonus we saving water and theearths resources one drop at a time.” saidBobby.

Bobbyopted to purchasethe patented Kaiser AquaStar Recycler due tothe German engineered cutting edge patented technology that places the KAISERbrand as a market leader in over 100 countries worldwide.


The KAISER AquaStar offers a perfect combination ofperformance and versatility. The KDU high-pressure pump delivers water at arate of 320 to 500 litres per minute (with a double KDU up to 800 litres) andwater pressure of up to 200 bar. The large-size hose reel can accommodate a 300m setting hose.

Onthe KAISER vacuum pump the maximum air throughput is 4000 m3/h (with a double KWP up to 6200 m3/h). Due to the selection of various suction booms, the vehicle can be optimally adapted to the respective implementationrequirements. 


  • With ROTOMAX, AquaStar represents abenchmark for the industry in the high performance recycling sector.
  • With a folding partition, the vehiclecan vacuum up and dispose of two different media.
  • A dry vacuum device permits thepick-up of dry material while streets can be cleaned with high-pressure waterfrom wash booms.
  • The ADR equipment is used for thedisposal of dangerous waste materials.

Outstanding economy

The consumption-optimised hydraulic system reducesfuel consumption by adapting the suction power in accordance with the vacuumrate. In the recycling mode, the water flow rate is also automatically adaptedto the available water supply. Cleaning quality is enhanced by the constantjetting hose drive with speed control. Additional interfaces make it possibleto link up with recording and information systems for the planning andorganisation of sewer maintenance.

Greater operatingcomfort

The information display with integrated analysissystem gives the operator qualified feedback on current performance parameters.Data such as jetting hose metre counter, vehicle weight and component statusare transmitted directly to the radio remote control and presented in graphicalform on the display. The display and control of the water pressure at thejetting nozzle also make sewer cleaning considerably easier.