Commercial and Retail Division – Preventative Maintenance Solutions.

When you manage or own a commercial centre, there are many unique considerations that you need to take into account regarding the drainage system of the centre. Rescue Rod will keep your facility operating smoothly and mitigate, wherever possible, large scale or expensive drainage problems from occurring.

The prevention of blockages that result from a build-up of grease, fat, coffee grinds, fruit or vegetable peels and even egg shells is crucial to maintaining an effective drainage system.FAT.JPGRetail food businesses should effectively manage and dispose of greasy wastewater by correctly installing grease traps and other specific solutions. If the waste is discharged directly into the sewers, it can incur  blockages and overflows. Furthermore, this can overload wastewater treatment plants and cause major pollution problems.

  • Regular maintenance and pumping out of the grease traps will avoid odours, overflows and polluted wastewater.
  • Grease traps must be of an optimal size to treat all the wastewater from all of the businesses that use them.

Managing Waste Oil

Grease traps are designed to treat greasy wastewater. They are not designed to accept waste oil. Waste oil should never be poured down the drain or into your grease trap. Collect waste oil and store it in sealed containers in a bunded area and have an oil recycler collect it.



Rescue Rod’s Commercial Maintenance Services:

  • Maintenance of centralised plumbing systems.
  • Sanitation system maintenance.
  • Compliant waste removal.
  • Septic tank and grease trap drainage.
  • Water system maintenance.
  • Regular CCTV pipeline inspection.
  • Regular jetting and clearing of sewer lines.


  • Extend the life of the pipes and sewers.
  • Proactive approach towards maintenance.
  • Shorter shutdowns as inspections are carried out.
  • Wear and tear  patterns can be identified.
  • Live video feed of pipe inspections.

There is a high saving potential by implementing small technical improvements, adjustments and regular maintenance programs.

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