Water is one of our most precious resources. That is why there is also a growing interest in sewer cleaning with water recycling.
Fast-growing cities equals increasing environmental pressures and problems. Therefore efficient, resource-conserving sewer cleaning systems are very important. The problem with conventional sewer cleaning without recycling is the high-water consumption it involves.

Rescue Rod’s goal, is to minimize the high volumes of drinking water used for sewer cleaning while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of the vehicles.

  The KAISER AquaStar

offers a perfect combination of performance and versatility. The KDU jetting pump delivers water at a rate of 320 to 500 litres per minute and water pressure of up to 200 bar. The large hose reel can accommodate up to a 300m’s of jetting hose. With the KAISER vacuum pump, the maximum air throughput is 3100 m³/h. Due to the selection of various suction booms, the vehicle can be optimally adapted to the respective implementation requirements.

Due to the combined jetting hose and suction boom, the vehicle can be positioned at a manhole for a sewer cleaning process that is both quick and safe. The unique installation of the vacuum pump in the fresh water chamber serves for cooling, noise insulation as well as increases the suction power because of the short suction lines.

Quick Facts on the AquaStar


  • The patented Kaiser water recycling system saves 24 Million litres of fresh water per year – per vehicle.
  • Highly efficient combined sewer cleaning and water recycling system, even at the worst sewer pipe conditions
  • Fast setup due to combined jetting / suction boom; no extensions needed due to vacuum hose reel


  • Manufactured from the highest-grade components and a stainless-steel tank


  • Ergonomic and safe work place due to independent operation by multifunctional remote control
  • Unrestricted driver’s field of view due to hoses and reels located behind the cabin


  • AquaStar represents a benchmark for the industry in the high-performance recycling sector.
  • The AquaStar is equipped to clean sewer pipes as well as catch basins.
  • With a tiltable divider door, the vehicle can vacuum up and dispose of two different media.
  • A dry vacuum device permits the pick-up of dry material.
  • Streets can be cleaned with high-pressure water from wash bars.
  • The ADR equipment is used for the disposal of dangerous waste materials.

Outstanding economy

The consumption-optimised hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption by adjusting the suction power in accordance with the vacuum rate. In the recycling mode, the water flow rate is also automatically adapted to the available water supply. Cleaning quality is enhanced by the constant jetting hose drive with speed control. Additional interfaces make it possible to link up with recording and information systems for the planning and organisation of sewer maintenance.

Greater operating comfort

The highly automated operation system allows the operator to focus on the work at hand. The full-feature radio remote control offers the option to move freely away from the vehicle. The full-colour LCD information display delivers clear feedback on current performance parameters. Data such as jetting hose meter counter, tank filling degree, vehicle weight and component status are transmitted directly to the radio remote control and presented in graphical form on the display. The control of the water pressure at the jetting nozzle also makes sewer cleaning considerably less difficult. Due to the “intelligent structure” concept and its control system, noise emissions are extremely low.

Benefits of KAISER Recycling
·         Robust system with High Efficiency, even under the toughest conditions.
·         High vehicle payload thanks to low system weight.
·         Simple handling and reduced cleaning requirements due to simplicity of the system.

·         Proven KAISER recycling technology – almost 35 years of international experience.