As the world changes before our eyes at a pace that we have never before seen in our lifetimes, coupled with the uncertainty of the current global crisis that has been triggered by COVID-19, we at Rescue Rod have made it our priority to showcase our capability and flexibility to re-invent our business and steer our company into unchartered waters.

As an essential services provider, Rescue Rod has been operational throughout the pandemic on a 24 hour emergency basis, but the work place looks slightly different than it did in the pre-pandemic world.

At Rescue Rod we re-invented our business model to ensure the safety of our staff as well as our clients from the imposing threat of the Coronavirus. Trevor Quigley notes, “We responded with lightening speed and got all our COVID-19 safety measures in place while keeping our ears close to the ground to ensure that we could improve on all our measures implemented as the pandemic unfolded.”  Rescue Rod ensured enough personal protective equipment for our employees and set up our office staff to work from home.  For a period of time, all our office staff were working remotely. While quarantined at home, a number of our office staff embarked on sewing hand-made masks for our teams.  We were very busy ensuring that we, and our clients, were safe.

Rescue Rod teams all start the day with a temperature check before heading out to respond to our service calls for the day. “They put a mask and goggles on, use hand sanitizer and gloves which are imperative to perform their jobs safely,“ Quigley says. “What we are doing here at Rescue Rod is protecting everybody in order to mitigate the spread of the virus. We are prepared to continue with our current processes for as long as it may be necessary. We are sure that the additional safety practices will continue well after the threat of the virus has passed. And we will all adapt to the new normal, “ says Quigley. “However,” Quigley adds, “I’m proud to say that the very nature of our work requires that we adhere to all the necessary health and safety precautions under normal circumstances – Corona aside-  so our staff are well trained to ensure that all precautions are taken on a daily basis  and have therefore adapted to the extra measures with ease.”

Rescue Rod are here to serve during the pandemic to ensure that our water and sanitation systems are functioning optimally. We offer an extensive array of services and our equipment is built for safety, productivity and social distancing.

Contact Rescue Rod today for all your drainage requirements.  We understand the underground and have been servicing our communities for over 30 years.

Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.

We are all in this together.