Rescue Rod has worked with many governing bodies in municipalities to provide vital sanitation and utility services where the proper infrastructure hasn’t yet been established. In these, and more developed areas, we have also been contracted to provide waste management and sewer maintenance services.

Throughout our work with these departments, we have always maintained the highest standards of quality and work ethic while keeping a conscientious focus on overall environmental impact and the good of the community at large.

  • High Pressure Water Jetting – We clean out and maintain sewer lines and storm drains, remove rubber deposits from roads and remove graffiti from buildings.
  • Vacuum Trucks – Clean out sewer drainage systems as well as sewage processing plants. Also a safe and reliable choice for environmental clean-ups of waste which could be hazardous to the community.
  • Directional Drilling – We can expand and rehabilitate existing drain and pipeline systems in areas without impact the buildings and community on the surface.
  • CCTV Inspection – Establish the cause of large draining blockages and accurately map underground pipelines and assets.
  • Water Tankers – We have the scale to dynamically provide fresh potable water for an entire community that don’t have access to a steady supply.
  • Septic Tank Drainage – Honeysuckers clean out and safely dispose of the contents of any full tanks in the community as well as sumps and grease traps. We perform these services fast and delicately so it doesn’t affect the residents any more than absolutely necessary.