Are you caught between a rock and a hard place?49587659_2297493927139292_1996640599813390336_n.jpg
Rescue Rod drills through rock with the Tracto-Technik Grundodrill.​

Horizontal directional drilling is fast becoming the preferred method of pipe or sleeve installation due to the reduced impact on the environment, community and surrounding infrastructure. Any project faces the possibility of being compromised due to rock formation under the ground.

Constituting approximately 89.4% of the earth’s surface, rock is the most abundant geological matter on earth. This firm foundation and its varying densities and unpredictable inconsistencies in formation pose the most challenging and time-consuming aspects for any Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractor.

There are literally hundreds of different varieties within the three major types of rock formations — sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous — and of those, vast variation in compositional characteristics relative to density and abrasiveness.


Logo_TT_Tracto-Technik_2014_6441_0Previewlarge.jpgRescue Rod’s top of the range, state for art, cutting edge German engineered Tracto-Technik drilling equipment has the capability of effectively drilling and steering in rock.​

Drilling in rock requires experience, planning and the right equipment and tooling. Rescue Rod will endeavour to successfully complete all projects on time and within budget.




Rescue Rod has recently and successfully completed a rock drilling project at Thina Falls – Qumba in the Eastern Cape. Some experts said that this job was an impossible task !!

Thina Falls Rock Drilling Project Objective – The University of Pretoria commissioned Rescue Rod to divert water from waterfall through the bore created by Rescue Rod to the small hydroelectric station (the containers) at the bottom of the waterfall. The University is producing power for the nearby community.

Rescue Rod successfully completing the project with use of the Tracto-Technik 28N plus Grundodrill rig.