The plumbing and water issues that affect a home are exponentially increased in tourism and hospitality. The stress the system has to go through means that it will experience problems a lot more often than domestic homes.

A little preventive maintenance and effective waste management can go a long way towards saving costs on repairs in the future.

  • Septic Tank Drainage – Honeysuckers drain just about any full septic tank. Also suitable for draining grease traps and sumps.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting – For unblocking and cleaning out problematic drains with reduced impact on the system.
  • Directional Drilling – Install electrical cables and drainage systems without disturbing the ground above or creating an unsightly mess, with our advanced trenchless technology.
  • CCTV Inspection – Map your existing system and identify the cause of persistently problematic drainage issues.
  • Vacuum Trucks – Dry and wet waste created by business operations is cleaned out thoroughly and disposed of safely.
  • Water Tankers – High quality drinkable water for emergency water supply situations