It’s imperative that you maintain a safe and stable water supply, despite council’s scheduled or unscheduled water outages.
At Rescue Rod, we have a fleet of emergency water trucks ready at our disposal that can provide you with bulk emergency clean drinking water supply.

Please note: at this point we can only provide emergency bulk water tankers in the Gauteng area.

Bulk Emergency Water Tanker (Water Bowsers) Benefits:

  • The water is drinkable.
  • We have the infrastructure to replace water fast, as many times as may be needed.
  • Our water tankers can provide emergency water services.
  • Portable water tanks can hold large volumes of water.

Emergency Bulk Water Tankers for Hire

Our large and durable emergency bulk water tankers are available to hire to deliver drinkable water sourced from our municipal supply to your sites.

The service is ideal for providing water to areas that have been temporarily cut off from council water.

Our water tankers ranging from 8 000lt to 22 000lt are fully equipped for pumping to height, long distances as well as standard tank filling.

Go to our Water Tanker Technology page to read more about the uses and specifications for each tanker