Mining activities and the general conditions in mines are very harsh on equipment and the landscape. Which is why the impact on pipelines, shafts and surrounding systems is severe enough to require constant maintenance and supervision.

Our shaft and pipeline services can sort out many of the environmental safety issues and the waste build up created fast and efficiently, without needing access to water or electricity.

  • Vacuum Trucks – Get rid of airborne contaminants and debris on sites created by blasting and drilling, when they reach unsafe levels.
  • CCTV Inspection – Determine the exact cause of obstructions in shafts and pipelines with a rugged mobile crawler. Video monitored and geo-tracked in real time.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting – Clean out lines and suppress dust.
  • Water Tankers – For any on site water needs where the local water supply is difficult to access or non-existent.