Directional Drilling Methodology

These powerful boring machines drill long holes under roads, rivers, railways, highways and buildings without needing to disturb the ground above. We do this by sending in drilling rods to drill along a strictly designated path. This can be steered and directed according to the bore plan.

Once the initial pilot hole has been drilled we attach a reamer and perform varying hole-opening runs until  the  desired size is achieved. The drill heads and reamers are kept cool and waste is removed through the use of special drilling fluids, stabilising the hole. Once we have a perfectly sized hole drilled, we attach the product pipe- with an expanding towing head- to the reamer and pull the product pipe through.

View a document detailing the process.

Horizontal Drilling Units – Technical Documents

Below are some the technical documents of the horizontal drilling unit that we use. Each is perfectly suited to a specific scale and type of job so that we can ensure that we provide clients with the most effective solution to their pipeline issues.