Kaiser Combination Unit

29 03, 2019

Rescue Rod does it again

Horizontal Directional Drilling, Kaiser Combination Unit, Sewer Cleaning|

Rescue Rod does it again. Colbyn wetland life threatened by sewage spill. Rescue Rod recently completed a project of [...]

20 02, 2019

The KAISER AquaStar Water-Recycling Vacuum Truck

Kaiser Combination Unit, Sewer Cleaning, Super Suckers|

The KAISER AquaStar Water-Recycling Vacuum Truck – A valued flagship investment When identifying the flagship equipment in his company’s [...]

27 07, 2016

New at Rescue Rod

CIPP Lining, Kaiser Combination Unit, Pipe Bursting, Water Tankers|

Rescue Rod has recently added some new equipment to further increase our range of services. 1. Kaiser Combination unit [...]

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