Pipelines and sewer lines, like many other utilities, are easy to take for granted until they stop functioning properly, creating many unpleasant health and sanitary issues.

Work Done Efficiently, Effectively Coupled with Increased Productivity

We use state of art heavy industrial cleaning equipment. Although this technology is very powerful and suited to identify and deal with tunnel and pipeline issues for entire communities in a timely manner, they are delicate and precise enough to deal with domestic plumbing problems without negatively impacting it.

Our engineers come highly trained and adhere to the strictest health and safety policies, even by industry standards. They are expertly versed in the equipment and can deal with any unexpected complications.

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Lots of Trucks and 24 Hour Emergency call

Rescue Rod has numerous specially equipped vehicles at its disposal, so no matter how busy we are, we can answer to calls in a timely manner.

And even if a problem comes up in the middle of the night, just give us a call and we’ll be on site, with the necessary piece of equipment before you have time to worry about it any further.

Save a lot more Money in the long run

A lot of people out there just use quick and cheap fixes for their plumbing and sewer problems. Meaning, most of the time, the problem just comes back after a while, often a lot worse than before.

We deal with any task directly: first we accurately identify the issue, pick the most advanced way of dealing with it that doesn’t impact the system and use expert engineers who get it right, first time, saving you thousands in future plumbing and repair bills.

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