Rescue Rod has specialised in pipeline cleaning, horizontal drilling, waste management, pipeline rehabilitation, bulk water supply and CCTV inspections with the best technology available since 1990. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and some of the most technologically advanced industrial drain cleaning, pipe rehabilitation, water tankers and drilling equipment in the world, Rescue Rod has always stayed true to their principle of giving clients optimal solutions to meet their specific requirements. The highest standard of work which is done efficiently and effectively coupled with increased productivity.

A Philosophy of Continual Improvement

Many companies find a solution that works and just keep on selling it year after year without questioning or embracing any new and exciting technological advances in the industry. Here at Rescue Rod we know that even when you find the ideal solution, a better one is always on the horizon.

This is why we are always reviewing the way in which we service our customers, our internal processes and most importantly, the equipment we use to provide our services. We ensure we are always at the cutting edge of technology, procuring machinery that has less impact on the integrity of a system and carries out tasks faster, with less mess.

Dedicated to Treating Customers Fairly

When running maintenance on a system, cleaning up a site or conducting sewer cleaning projects, we know our customers want their service to be prompt, for the details to be clear and to be given a fair deal, like everyone else.

We maintain a constant open dialogue with our client, ensuring their needs are being met and that they’re always aware of what’s happening with their project and what the best path forward is. We use trained staff and engineers who are expertly versed in the equipment and follow a strict time schedule whenever on a job.

An Eco-Friendly Company

We place environmental conservation at the centre of our corporate identity. Which is why we use only eco-friendly methods and equipment in all of our services. For instance, we only use recycled water for cleaning so no usable drinking water is needlessly wasted.

All waste is disposed of safely with minimum ecological impact and we ensure our services don’t just deal with the superficial sanitary issues but also the deeper long-term environmental factors.

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