As well as providing full service horizontal drilling, we also offer our horizontal drilling equipment for hire, with monthly, weekly and daily rates depending on your needs. Our drilling rig hire also includes transportation and drill operators.

Hire Horizontal Drilling Rigs For:

  • Installation of cable sleeves under roads, highways and railways.
  • Gravity lines for sewers and storm water.
  • Pressure lines and drinking water supply.
  • Gas Lines.
  • Crossing under rivers and other waterways.

Our cutting edge directional drilling equipment lets us leave the ground surface and other infrastructure completely undisturbed throughout a drilling project. As the drill head is remotely controlled and located in real time, it can accurately bore holes for hundreds of metres of varying diameters to install gravity lines, pressure lines and cable sleeves.




Specialised fleet of HDD Equipment. From a minor utility crossing to a large river, landscape and outfall pipe installation, we have the experience and equipment to meet any project requirements



The Various Drill Units For Hire

TT GrundoDrill 28N

  1.  Cummins motor 224 kW T4i for driving and drilling
  2. Drill rig with rubberised steel trackundercarriage, stabilisers
  3. Spacious, air-conditioned and heated cabin,
  4. Comfortable seat, joysticks, 12″ Touch-Screen
  5. Fully galvanised rod box for 288 m of drill rods
  6. Fully automatic rod exchange system
  7. Semi-automatic clamp and break-away facility
  8. Anchoring system
  9. Powerful 650 l/min HP Bentonite pump on-board the rig
  10. Bore data log – telemetry data transfer
  11. Bore automatics, percussive hammer, high pressurecleaner, wireless remote control
  12. Mixing unit MA07 D (electric version optional)
  • L x W x H [mm] 7.520 x 2.530 x 2.900
  • Weight incl. rods[kg] 19.000
  • Rod magazine content [m] 288
  • Inclination angle 12°–30°
  • Thrust and pullback force[kN] 280
  • Max. torque  [Nm]11.000
  • Max. spindle speedl [rpm] 180
  • Pilot bore Ø [mm]140/170
  • Ø Twin Drive drill rods [mm]82
  • Effective rod length [mm] 3.000
  • Upsizing Ø* [mm] ≤ 900
  • Outer pipe Ø* [mm] ≤ 710
  • Bore length* [m] ≤ 500
  • Min. bore radius [m]75
  • Max. driving speed [km/h] 2 stages 3,3/5
  • Fresh water tank [l] 155
  • super-silenced [dB(A)] 76
  • Max. engine output [kW] 224
  • HP Bentonite pump [l/min]650
  • Mixing unit MA07 D
  • Drive engine Kubota Diesel 28 kW
  • L x W x H Tank system [mm] 2500 x 2000 x 2000
  • Weight empty / full  [kg] 1160 / 9160
  • Tank capacity [l]2 x 4000





TT GrundoDrill 15Xp

  1. Cummins motor T4i for driving and drilling, 119 kW
  2. Drill rig with rubber track undercarriage, stabilisers
  3. Spacious cabin, comfortable seat, joysticks, LCD display
  4. Fully galvanised rod box
  5. Semi-automatic rod exchange system
  6. Semi-automatic clamp and break-away facility
  7. Anchoring system with drilling fluid collecting tray
  8. Powerful HP Bentonite pump on board the rig
  9. Optional: Bore automatics, percussive hammer, high pressure cleaner, rubberised steel track undercarriage
  • L x W x H [mm]6.150 x 1.850 x 2.400
  • Weight incl. rods[kg]10.035
  • Rod magazine contents [m]210
  • Inclination angle11°–20°
  • Max. spindle speed[kN]147
  • Max. torque [Nm]4.500
  • Max. spindle speed [rpm]190
  • Pilot bore Ø [mm]100
  • Effective rod length [mm]3.000
  • Upsizing Ø* [mm]≤ 500
  • Outer pipe Ø* [mm]≤ 400
  • Bore length* [m]≤ 350
  • Min. bore radius [m]42
  • Max. driving speed [km/h] 2 stages1.5/3.0
  • Max. engine output [kW]119
  • HP Bentonite pump [l/min]200




Vermeer D36 Drill

  1. The D36 Drill provides powerful downhole cutting action with flexibility to select from a number of different tools to match your difficult conditions.
  2. Operate with a wide range of pilot bore drill tools and the ability to effectively operate with backreamers typically required for the most challenging conditions.

Vermeer D9 Drill

  1. Right-sized power with 9000 lb (40 kN) of thrust/pullback power and a class-leading rotational torque rating of1300 ft-lb (1762.6 Nm).
  2. A 26% increase in carriage speed over its predecessor allows for shortened cycle times and enhanced jobsite productivity.
  3. Features a maximum ground drive speed of 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h), a 37% increase in speed over its predecessor, making the D9x13 S3 the class-leader in ground drive speed.




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