Looking for sewer line cleaning? Have a blocked drain or experiencing reduced water flow? Our drain cleaning solutions can unclog and flush your system thoroughly without having to risk damaging the system, with our low impact combination slurry suction and high pressure water jetting technology.
Rescue Rod’s extensive fleet of drain cleaning equipment sets up apart from the rest.  We recently added the Kaiser Aquastar Eco-Recycling Combination units to our fleet of Kaiser Eco-Recycling Combination units. These units save 24 million litres of fresh water per unit based on their patented onboard recycling system. In addition, Rescue Rod has acquired the Kaiser Moro vacuum units specifically designed for the South African market.  Contact us to view our extensive range of equipment.  We are equipped to deal with all things underground. We understand the underground and have been servicing South Africa’s sewer and sanitation systems for over 30 years. Put us and our equipment to the test.
These powerful units have proven to be more effective than other mechanical and chemical drain cleaning methods. We service both large municipal drainage and sanitation systems as well as private homes or commercial properties experiencing drainage issues.
Our equipment ranges are equipped to deal with all aspects of your sanitation systems.


  • Incredibly efficient work performance.
  • Drains are cleaned faster and more thoroughly.
  • Cost effective, with reduced transport costs.
  • Prevents further future damage.
  • Longer lasting results.
  • Deals better with sludge and fixed debris.
  • Handles pipes of almost any size.