Kaiser High Pressure Jetting and Vacuum Combination Units

The Kaiser Eco-Recycling Combination Units are vacuum trucks that emphasise performance and versatility. Performing the dual function of high pressure jetting for, deep effective drain cleaning, as well as a powerful vacuum pumping, for the removal of the dislodged and loose waste, these units are capable of penetrating even the toughest drains and removing incredible stubborn obstructions.

  • High pressure pump – 320-500 litres per min, max 200 bar
  • Vacuum pump – max air throughput of 3100 m3/h
  • Stainless steel screen
  • Slotted hole screen – 0.5 mm
  • Incl. vacuum relief valve

For a full list of specifications, click here to download the technical document.

Description of  System function:

a) High pressure jetting unit is gradually fed into the drain.
b) As it progresses along the system water is jetted at 120kpa into the sides and front of the drain, stripping away any roots, sludge and other obstructions.
c) Jetting unit is removed.
c) Cleaning water and sewer water will be directly suctioned, together with the slurry, into the slurry tank
d) From the slurry tank, the dirty water will be pumped through a “self-cleaning“ filter by means of a centrifugal pump, directly to the high-pressure pump
e) The filtered cleaning water passes from there, via the jetting hose, to the sewer cleaning nozzle

The centrifugal pump is also used to drain remaining water.

  • No need to use valuable and expensive drinking water for cleaning work
  • Single chamber system – the entire tank can be used as a slurry tank
  • High vehicle payload due to low weight of the recycling system
  • Conventional suction/cleaning operation possible at any time
  • Continuous washing guarantee
  • Vehicle can also be used at any time for conventional sewer work (without modifications)