Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

thumb_ql-systembeschreibung(1).jpgKrugersdorp, Gauteng

Rescue Rod’s client JW Watch Tower requested an onsite conditional assessment on the storm water lines in and around the new Media Building.
Rescue Rod cleaned the storm water piping utilizing a high-pressure water jet unit, removing debris collected during cleaning activities and thereafter conducted a CCTV inspected storm water conveyance piping ranging between 450mm and 600mm in diameter. The CCTV inspection was performed and defects were noted in our certified WinCan VX pipeline assessment software.
WinCan VX provided structural and maintenance scores of each completed pipe segment. The scoring for each range between one and five, where one is the best condition requiring no action and five requiring immediate action. Scoring of each pipe segment was included with the inspection report.
Defects that result in scores of four or five include cracks, fractures, breaks and holes in the piping. The majority of the piping lay below a concrete floor located within and around the media facility. Open excavation to repair the piping would require a monumental effort and restoration of the subgrade and concrete floor could be costly and require multiple days to rehabilitate one defect. Upon reviewing and discussing the areas of a structural rating of four or five with the client, Rescue Rod suggested the utilization of a mechanical point repair system and SUI, namely the Quick-Lock stainless steel rehab mechanical sleeve.The Client was in agreement and the works were commissioned. 

Rescue Rod carried out and successfully installed three 450mm point repair units and six 600mm point repairs units within 2 days and at minimal disruption to the surface.

Click here to view South Africa’s very first Quicklock installation.

BEFORE – Damaged storm water pipes
AFTER – Repaired storm water pipes