Finding the cause of a blocked or broken pipe can be an exceedingly frustrating
endeavour. Due to the remote nature involved with inspecting problems that occur in pipelines, it is simply not always
feasible to conduct a human inspection. Fortunately there are solutions for these types of situations. Through the use of
advanced pipeline technology,
 Rescue Rod is able to conduct remote inspections in nearly any type of pipe. Rescue Rod has a range of CCTV pipe inspection equipment from
high resolution cameras capable of accurately measuring the slope of the pipe in diameters from 100mmØ up to 1500mmØ to pushrod systems capable of inspecting from 80mmØ. We are able
to inspect just about any non-man entry pipe, tank or vessel up to a distance of 600m.

All our operators are trained and certified in using the CCTV Equipment and the Wincan software performing hundreds of pipeline inspections monthly in various industries and projects.



4 Complete high quality CCTV systems custom built into our vans.
2 complete with an EX rated system for work in explosive protected areas as refineries, mines, airports and other
sensitive areas where conventional equipment cannot be used.
6 X Push rod endoscope type cameras.
1 X QuickView system.
Wincan Reporting Software: Dedicated pipeline inspection software with a mapping capability based on the GIS
data provided by the client.
We are assisting numerous industries in multiple applications: find and locate covered or “missing” manholes, connections, unknown or illegal connections, blockages, and obstructions in the pipelines.
Regular maintenance inspections on domestic sewer, industrial effluent and storm water pipelines.
Pre and post commissioning inspections assist our client in ensuring a high quality project and hand over without the unwanted surprises which are a regular occurrence in the construction projects.
Assisting clients in recovering lost or dropped objects in vessels where no human access is allowed or possible is also a feature of the CCTV push rod cameras.



Steerable 6-wheel drive manoeuvres past obstacles.
Modular design adapts to pipe of any size, condition and material.
Compact system footprint can be deployed from any size vehicle.
Digital controls automatically update to the latest features and support selfdiagnostics.
Scalable design supports lateral launch, side-scanning and laser profiling.
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Powerful and Manouverable with High Pipe Bend Mobility.
The AGILIOS pan & tilt push camera system consists of a coiler with a reinforced, yet flexible push rod of up
to 90 m length, two control panels, various axial cameras and a pan & tilt head camera.
Depending on the application area and purpose there are two multifunctional and mobile VISIONCONTROL control panels – version VC200 or version VC50 – that can be used.
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In addition to the broad range of pipe inspection equipment produced by iPEK we herewith introduce a “zooming camera system” for a “quick view” inside the pipe from the manhole – the QuickView ® from Envirosight – our pipe inspection partner from the
Zoom pipe inspection began 15 years ago with QuickView® and Envirosight
has just reinvented the concept with a revolutionary new QuickView® model
that outperforms anything on the market.

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PipeBus® is a special technique developed for SUPERVISION® which allows longer operating hours and remote maintenance during service. Moreover, it provides recent information on all components, e.g. temperature, position and internal pressure.
Is valued around the world for its application in all fields of pipeline inspection. Dimension, speed and steerability make SUPERVISION® a powerful inspection tool, thereby being
time-saving and moving around obstacles safely.
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The TrapJumper is a lightweight pushrod camera solution, designed to provide both flexibility to navigate tight trap-bends whilst being strong enough to be pushed the distance in abrasive pipes.
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