29 09, 2015

Emergency Water Line Repairs

Civil repairs|

Possibly one thing worse than load shedding is having no water in your neighborhood. Rescue Rod takes pride in [...]

23 09, 2015

Pipe Line Tilt Measurement

CCTV Pipe Inspections|

Tilt Measurement Tilt or inclination measurement of pipe lines is mainly used to find depressions or backfalls in the [...]

16 09, 2015

Vacuuming of Dams, Sumps and Tanks

Super Suckers|

Rescue Rod is equipped with some of the most advanced and powerful vacuum units available on the market, coupled [...]

11 09, 2015

Horizontal Directional Drilling in hard rock

Rock Drilling|

Rescue Rod offers horizontal directional drilling through any material and under any surface structure. We can drill through solid [...]

13 10, 2014

Suction Worm – Mini Robot

Dry Vacuums|

The Mini Robot “Suction Worm” is a tracked suction excavator operated by an external oil-pressure plant, with a hydraulic [...]

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